Beer and Bar Drinks


New Zealand Tap Beers 

Lawn Ranger – Lemon & Lime Infused Lager 5%

$5.5 Handle 450ml or $5 Glass 340ml


Wild Buck - New Zealand Ale 4%

$5 Handle 450ml or $4.5 Glass 340ml


Bottled Beers – NZ Boundary Road Craft Beers

The Chosen One’ Golden Lager 5%, ‘Bouncing Czech’ Pilsener Lager 5.2%, ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ Indian Pale Ale 5.2%,

Sticky Wicket’ Manuka Honey Lager 5%, ‘Wild Buck’ NZ Lager 4%



Boundary Road 500ml Craft Beers

Wheat Reaper’ German style wheat beer with smooth notes of clove and vanilla.

Red Barron’ a sassy red ale with notes of caramel and toffee and a crisp finish.



Bottled Beers – Premium Imported

Carlsberg Danish Lager 5%, Holsten German Pilsener 5%, Budvar Czech Lager 5%, Corona



Other Beers, Ciders, RTDs

Steinlager Light 2.5% $6, Speight's Old Dark $6, Speight's Apple Cider $6, Isaac’s Pear Cider $6

Woodstock Bourbon Cola RTD $7, Stoli Vodka Citrus RTD $7.5



Bacardi, Coruba Dark Rum, Jack Daniel’s Bourbon, Johnnie Walker Red Whisky,

Sminorff Red Vodka, Gordons Gin, Napoleon Brandy, Jose Cuervo Tequila




Baileys, Kahula, Franjelico, Galliano Vanilla, Southern Comfort, Cointreau

Galliano Amaretto, Galliano Black Sambuca, Galliano White Sambuca, Midori




Croft Fine Tawny, Croft 10 Year Aged